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Land for immediate construction of the house, quiet surroundings, 740 m2, the best price Veľký Biel, near Senec


Price: 76 900,00 EUR
  (2 316 689,40 SKK)
Agent commision: average 4%
MLS - Listing Nr.: SCX70407GM
Condition of listing: Current listing
Listing Type: For Sale
Size: 740 m²
Kind of property: Individual residential lot
Location: Bratislava region / Senec
  Veľký Biel /

The land for construction of house, size approx 23 x 32 meters, a total of 740 m2. Quiet pleasant atmosphere off the main road, near the school, kindergarten, bus stop. Engineering networks in range to 2 m, not drainage. Sale at a bargain price.


Senec 2 km, Bratislava 18 km

Property Type: Plots / Lands Year Built:
Condition of property: --- Rooms:
Built up area: Bathrooms:
Floorspace: Floors:
Lot Size: 740 m² Floor:

Facilities, surroundings: Sites & heating:
Septic tank
Vater pipe


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