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Land in Kamenica for sale.

For Sale

Price: 52 000,00 EUR
  (1 566 552,00 SKK)
Agent commision: average 4%
MLS - Listing Nr.: HEN80505JB
Condition of listing: Current listing
Listing Type: For Sale
Size: 1840 m²
Kind of property: Individual residential lot
Location: Presov region / Humenné
  Kamenica nad Cirochou /

In the village Kamenica nad Cirochou we offer lucrative building land.
It is located in a location with a nice view of the surrounding countryside.
The total area of the land is 1840 m2. The width of the plot (in public communication side) is 24 meters. The length is 75 m. At the end the plot narrows slightly.
In front of the plot are all engineering networks.


Humenné 6 km

Property Type: Plots / Lands Year Built:
Condition of property: Intravilan Rooms:
Built up area: Bathrooms:
Floorspace: Floors:
Lot Size: 1840 m² Floor:

Facilities, surroundings: Sites & heating:
Near a forest
Silent area
Vater pipe


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