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The complex of buildings suitable for business in Vranov nad Toplou - for sale


Price: 0,00 EUR (info in office)
  (0,00 SKK)
Agent commision: average 4%
MLS - Listing Nr.: VTP90525BB
Condition of listing: Current listing
Listing Type: For Sale
Size: 3540 m²
Kind of property: Other commercial facility
Location: Presov region / Vranov nad Topľou

For sale: Complex of buildings suitable for business beside the main road Presov - Kosice, the total area of 3540 m2. There are 4 buildings - house and garage, standing alone and the two buildings without registration numbers. The complex of buildings near the main road and opens a fantastic opportunity to develop your company a prosperous bussiness - petrol station, market, garden center, roadhouse ...


Prešov - 50 km
Košice - 60 km
Rekreačná oblasť Domaša - 25 km
Rekreačná oblasť Zemplínska Šírava - 40 km

Property Type: Commercial Year Built:
Condition of property: Initial condition Rooms:
Built up area: 500 m² Bathrooms:
Floorspace: Floors:
Lot Size: 3540 m² Floor:

Facilities, surroundings: Sites & heating:
Centre of the village
Heating: gas
Heating: local
Septic tank
Vater pipe
Water store


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