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Business investment- for sale of 60 hectares land in East Slovakia-Preshov

For Sale

Price: 13,00 EUR (to the agreement)
/ m2
  (391,64 SKK)
Agent commision: average 4%
MLS - Listing Nr.: KEN01123LL
Condition of listing: Current listing
Listing Type: For Sale
Kind of property: Recreational site
Location: Presov region / Prešov

Attractive land for sale, which is located under the ruins of the Highwayman castle (Zbojnícky hrad), length of about 1.2 km, a width of 540 m. A elevations around 45 meters. The total land area is 614,171 m2 and the property sheet is marked as grassy vegetation.

On this site was prepared engineering and geological survey and subsoil radon survey. Access to the site is from the village of Ruska Nova Ves from the General Office of the existing rural road. The other two access roads are in the city plan Prešov and ready for implementation.

Public, transport and technical facilities of the area was discussed in writing with our network administrators. Discussed points of connection to public network technical infrastructure are in the picture. Amount of collection of media necessary for independent living sites in the opinion of the new investor will be negotiated with media managers in the process of planning and building procedures.

Possible implementation in the given locality:
Salt baths - and yet the salt mined in Prešov already about 400 years, since around there are significant deposits of rock salt. In early 2009, however, salt mining company and Solivary stopped.
Thermal-drilling site in Presov is geothermal well that is not yet exploited. The evidence is that only 2 km north of the village land Teriakovce is about 40 years old geo thermal borehole owned, which is still never used.
Recreation Centre for the treatment of various diseases, whereas the Prešov is situated in a beautiful setting, surrounded by forests and hills, the environment is suitable for relaxation and relaxation in every season. Use of salt to treat respiratory diseases, skin diseases and musculoskeletal tract would welcome a solution not only for indigenous peoples and athletes but also for foreign tourists.
Recreational resort with golf course - the nearest golf course is operated in Manchester about 45 km away and the Tatra Mountains about 110 km, so we think it might find its clientele in the catchment area of Presov and Kosice.
The land use plan Prešov are adjacent to land already Stavenec proposed to establish a golf course (indicated with yellow area on the western edge of the forest Stavenec).
The nearest water park is located 90 km distant in Poprad, therefore, consider the catchment area of Presov and Kosice to be very attractive.
The western part of the land is ideal for use as Aquapark, respectively. and for other uses such as residential area - it's up to you.

In agreement with the owner can also buy a smaller part of the land.


Property Type: Plots / Lands Year Built:
Condition of property: Extravilan Rooms:
Built up area: Bathrooms:
Floorspace: Floors:
Lot Size: 614 171 m² Floor:

Facilities, surroundings: Sites & heating:
Near a forest
Silent area


  (System stat.: 12-17-2010 / 0013016)
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 Photo Gallery

Na predaj atraktívny pozemok - Prešov cca 62 ha
Lokalizácia pozemku v rámci celého územia
mesta Prešov

Investičná príležitosť-na predaj pozemok v katastrálnom území Solivar, mesto Prešov
Pohľad na panorámu mesta Prešov

Business investment-sale of 60 hectares land in East Slovakia-Preshov
Verejné, dopravné a technické vybavenie
územia bolo písomne prerokovávané so správcami.

Бизнес инвестиции в Словакии-60га земли в центре Европы
земельный участок для комерческих целей

продается земельный участок в центре Европы - Словакия г.Прешов
Общая площадь земли площадью 614171 м2

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