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Warehouses, manufacturing premises in Kosice for lease


Price: 33,00 EUR (+ VAT and energy)
  (994,16 SKK)
Agent commision: average 4%
MLS - Listing Nr.: KEN10107LL
Condition of listing: Current listing
Listing Type: Rentals
Kind of property: Storage premises
Location: Kosice region / Košice

For lease warehouse or manufacturing permises in the manufacturing area which now take premises to 22 companies. Permises can be divided according to the needs of each tenant.
In addition, we have 12.000 square meters of open space for parking or storage facilities with the possibility of using a crane of 20 tons for unloading or loading of goods.
Halls partially insulated, with cranes St, ceiling height 7 to 7.30 m, width = 20.20 m, length = 89 m. The height of 3.80 - 4 m up to a crane.
The premises is supplied with the utility grid: electricity, natural gas, drinking water and sanitation, without quantitative restrictions and parameters of the contract. We are wholesale buyers of electricity and natural gas. The possibility of heating gas infrared heaters. Each firm has a separate measurement of utilities. There are a telephone line and internet. Parking is available for the trucks or cars.

The area is fenced area, equipped with camera system, 24 hour guarded security guard, the entrance through the gates (the entrance to the area of non-stop).
Maintenance and troubleshooting we have our own staff. The length of the lease is unlimited.

The rent is € 33 / m2 per year, excluding VAT and utilities who believe the meter of the consumer.


Property Type: Commercial Year Built:
Condition of property: Initial condition Rooms:
Built up area: 20 000 m² Bathrooms:
Floorspace: Floors:
Lot Size: 12 000 m² Floor:

Facilities, surroundings: Sites & heating:
Heating: gas
Heating: local
Vater pipe


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 Photo Gallery

LEASE warehouses, manufacturing premises in Kosice, Slovakia.
Areál je oplotený, vybavený kamerovým
systémom a je nonstop strážený vrátnikom

Priestory sa môžu deliť podľa jednotlivých potrieb nájomcu
v súčasnosti je v prenájme 22 firiem

k dispozícii 12.000 m2 nezastrešených plôch
na parkovanie alebo na sklad pod žeriavom 20 t

Na prenájom skladové, výrobné priestory Košice nad Jazerom
Haly sú osvetlené denným svetlom cez strešné
svetlíky+ stenové okna, alebo elektrickými

Бизнес в Словакии-аренда склады

Na prenájom 12.000 m2 nezastrešených plôch na parkovanie alebo na sklad
sklad pod žeriavom 20 t

Na prenájom plôcha na parkovanie alebo na sklad
Je možnosť parkovania pre osobné auta + kamióny

Na prenájom skladové, výrobné priestory V 5-loďovej hale v areáli
vstup do areálu je nonstop

All information provided by the listing agent/broker or company is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. No warranties or representations are made of any kind.

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