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Zvolen Reality
Ľudmila Hybská Bodnárová

Company Name:
Tatranet Real ZV

Špecializácia na reality a nehnuteľnosti v Banskobystrickom kraji - Zvolen a Banská Bystrica. Kúpa predaj a prenájom nehnuteľností vo Volene, Banskej Bystrici a širšom okolí.

Dukelských hrdinov 16
Banska Bystrica region


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Agent Listings:

- 1 room flat in Banska Bystrica for sale
- Buy a 2 bedroom flat with a balcony in the Zvolen
- For sale 2 room flat in the original condition in the center of Zvolen
- Two-storey family house near Štúrovo for sale

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